When it’s HOT you’re making lots of water.

I apologize for skipping a month on my blog. With record heat you can imagine how busy I’ve been and tired. It’s still hot but not as humid. I have cleaned a lot of plugged condensate lines over the last few weeks including my own.

Furnace and condensateThe condensate line is that small white tube running from the coil on your furnace and possibly changing into a clear vinyl tube and then running into your floor drain or sink. Since most people have their furnace/cooling coil located where they do laundry it is not uncommon for the tube to become plugged with…….. you guessed it, lint. The lint gets wet and makes a big ball and eventually …… you get water all over the floor.vinyl-tube-to-floor-drain.jpg

Vinyl tube fittingIf you can pull the tube from the fitting or if you have vinyl with a vinyl fitting make sure you have another fitting as most will break. Have a bucket ready so it can catch the water.

With hard pipe you can snake the pipe pushing the offending ball of lint out of the pipe. If you don’t have one of those handy any type of small diameter pipe that is just smaller than your pipe opening will work.snake1.jpg

Vinyl tubeVinyl pipe you can see where the pipe is backed up. If you’re not a smoker you can probably blow a few times on the end of the tube and expel the plug. If that doesn’t work the same method I mentioned above will work or a wet vac can usually do the trick.

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