What many mechanical contractors don’t want you to know.

Is it worth putting┬áin a better furnace filter? I fight the idea on a daily basis that a 4″ pleated filter is better than the standard $2 filter or that an electrostatic filter will catch more dust so you have to clean less. I discontinued selling anything other than the standard plain filter except for aresize.jpg lifetime washable filter. It’s true that I could make more money selling you a more expensive filter with the idea that you’ll improve your indoor air quality and such but it’s just NOT TRUE!

The majority of you indoor air and the particles you see in the air are reduced or increased very little by your furnace. Your furnace draws air from the space it’s in and the air in your home. If you’re in a newer home, you’re bringing in fresh air from outside with your ERV or HRV. If you’re in an older home it’s probably bringing in passive fresh air through a fresh air in your mechanical room or, drawing it in the less desirable way, leaky doors and windows. The fact is you need to change your filter frequently. If you filter gets very dirty or full in a week then you need to change it weekly. If you check it monthly and it looks clean then you change it less.

 If you are highly allergic to dust, cleaning with hepa filters and minimizing carpets, drapes and such are the route to go for low cost measures or investing in UV filters. For more information about filters check out this study.


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